Aniruddha Bose


English Poems

New Resolutions

Morn emits the coruscate delight

Afternoon drifts to twilight souse.

Fillies cuddle in golden crush.

Night roars, forlorn morn zephyr.

Time has played its numinous wonder.

Liquor ebullience croons the juju

Vows of morn pretermit in queue

The nimbus of life on a platter.

Croons the wino in sorcerous mull.

Moon lost in Excalibur chador

Sword waves the kayoed hellion,

Rock the rocking boat to oblivion.

In sonsie enticing timbre.

Anon facets hushed in oeuvre.

Cantillate the mantra of carnal gaiety

Lust welcomes resolute jollity.

From morn till wee hours of eve

Till the liquor begums warble

Decisions are a Ragnarok

Not penned in recent Bible.


Pointless resolves of tomorrow.

Oblivious of the difference

Between fulfilment and sorrow.


Life is a miracle.

Life is a debacle.

Life is entwined

With varied tentacles.

Life is an enigma.

Re-search into already known

Dreading to face the anon.

Miniscule facet of varied colours

Amid its fiascos and lustre.

Cymbalist of eternal time

Spring merges to summer

At flicker of dime.

Few fools realise

Tide of eternal time.

Mount to peak

Alone in a peanut fly.

Fall dotty saphead in.

Life isn’t reveries fab.

Humans flimsy, blazon

Desperate proving best

Life’s a tinker to the rest.

Evolved over era springs

Crooning voodoo dings

The stark reality sings.


Best or worst

Hardly matters

Peace is the oeuvre

Songs aren’t aired.

Life is given the choice

Acceptance is…

Contentment with serene surmise.

Bliss of the Night

Lulling breeze, the night sings

Cuckoo croons missing
Harbinger of summer air.

Sweet whiff of crispness

Sings the transit suave.

The leaves quivering in dark

Kindles the mind to spark.

Losses, failures blown with wind

Spring lost, not its exotic drift.

Thunders roar, blunders bilk

Wilkomen the magic yen.

Lusty for the blissful kiss

Tide over impasse to juju bliss.

Plumb the listless dark

No moon, no sun, yet with spark.

To sing future lullaby

Amid dark in languid canopy.


Take me to the blissful utopia

Others deem it as paranoia.

Prince Charming adrift on eternal canoe

Amid the infinite ether

Scattered glints of eternal chorale

Where birds sing, flowers fringe

The haven of eternal Shangri-La.

Death We Traverse

Deaths we traverse

Taught many wonders.

The mortal tincture
Leaves anything in éclat.

Mystic death, tread dread

Spent a mo to wonder?

Carcasses tread
Mortal remains of many bled
In disfavour splendour

Tread dreams of beachhead.

Thought, capable, deprived

In useless mortal fulfilment?

Ruined lives, deserted dreams
Comfy in ass licking strings.

Have the time to ever wonder?

Death of million dreams
Amid the travesty.

For us, rest and millionths
Curse the system in disgrace.

Time to rise to reveal colours

Where ass licking

No longer milky lustre.

Looked at the moonlit sky

Where jingles lilt to cry?

Seen the vast universe?
Where birds hide in meadow grass
Looked at happiness in thee?
Amid death tentacles in revolt to see.


Salvation, do not seek from thine

In quest of what is not mine.

No celebs and legends brag in gloriole.

When benefits rustle, jump to accord.

Nothing to claim as their own.

Bask in the tune congenitally sown.

Never ventured on brass ring of creative wonder.

Mesmerised millions with gifted foregone splendour.

Have they seen the brooks amid meadows?

Yearned for the shadows of the anon spring?

The bubbles warped their rational tide

Mosahibs infiltrated their timid minds.

Identity lost, fame gained

Alter of perception sprained.

Quest of salvation amid rocking glamour!

Rocketed balloon lost in celeb debonair.


Traversed many a known path of identity.

Now in quest of solitary Divine serenity.

Where meadows melt into midnight air

Peace sings the eventual debonair.

Brooks fade into autumn green.

Old faded for the new birds to sing.


Salvation is cleansing soul.

Ascent from mundane icky bowl.

Light of the Dark

Dark is where the light has fade

Into the numinous shady glade.

Dark is the anon of the cognise

Shady demeanour of truth rede ignored.

Traverse the ‘glory’ of ill-understood aura

Dark defines anon

Childish unfulfilled reverie.

When life is sunlit bride

Acquaintances shine in militant delight

Twilight dawns amid that desolate light

The aura is amass

Loss of the real bright.

Hums Poorvi to Yaman

Exultation to nullity

Amid the subtle ration.

Exile or exultation

Dilemma in politic consultation

Jingle of sauna to sonata.

Thrust in solitary in desolation.

Night reverbs the new reflection.

Glamour lost, name dead

Night croons of the mystic fade.

The jingle you detested to hear

Lost to overcome the intrinsic fear.


The anon dormant you

If you discover that is new.


The tentacles of testing time

Beckons the chosen few

Magna cum laude of the yearned dime.

Where the mystic cube

Spins on the casino roulette

Gelding the illusion of magic filet

Ripped to dust on the roulette spin

Anxious for the magic to cast its beam.

The 17th century Venetian Ridotto

Now the eternal life form.

Wants quids amid the norm.

Craps, roulette, baccarat, backjack

Video poker games.

Reveries floating in eternal Thames.

Destiny strikes the reality arpeggio

The exposit of eonian time.

The ordained gruesome crusade

Misjudged in ho-hum rat race,

The surreal utopic exultation.

Flagrant realistic pacification.


Milestones of ascent glade

The scripted score in shade.



Furtively draws the wintry night

Tender cuddle of the desolate delight.

Amid the pall of the mystique dark

Kindles the glimmer of the magic spark.

The tender touch, the thrilling moment

Ecstasy of pent orgasmic pleasure lament

The sweet odour of desolate fragrance

Ignoring all the past trivial vengeance.

Lost in wonder amid the living death.

Forlorn, deserted, in the lonely breath.

Smooching dark of the sad delight

Dawns the morn of midnight bright.

Burn the past fidgety paltry yen desires

Charms, cravings pled over forlorn years

Whiff of the aroma of dark solitude

Springs the new aura of phoenix tunes

Kiss the morn dark in deserted canopy.

The spring blossoms amid the losses

Obscured magic of the blooming roses.

Halcyon Shrine

Golden tops behind the pine

Moon gleams in murky dime.

A ray of eon hope

Amid the waning slope.

The stars, the moons,

The limbo meteors

Bopping in glee

Thaumaturgy cognised
Occult in eked out spree

The cosmos galore.

Meliorate beauts forlore

In their pristine ao dai.

Afloat in the twilight sky.

Cuddling with wide arms

To the Zion of their charms.


Do I see an invisible dream?
Floating in the twilight of ignored spring?

Hear the ripples subdued over the pine

To sing the melody of eternal shrine?

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