Canvas by Aniruddha Bose, translated by Purnasree Nag offers a great depth and a poetical text that define a window on the world of women, through which every man can only fully grasp the aspects and insights every woman can finally feel, see and understand in its wonderful complexity that has its own language, smells, rhythms, music and atmosphere.

The book includes portraits of women alongside lyrical descriptions, true portraits in poetry that capture the essence of each unique aspect of being female. The colours interacts with human emotions where each colour is related a mood and activate each other in many facets that alone would not have.

Everything is contained in the instant, the soul in the present, in the sense of wonder felt for an emotion, a hug or a landscape, and the little things that catch us with their candour and their precious uniqueness in a world that wants to have a different approach, a new way to understand the love and sexuality, free of emotional dependency and balanced, which originates from the heart.

It is a book dedicated to the women, who have the gift to turn almost anything into almost everything, who can understand the immense value of an emotion, a kind gesture or a smile, who can go through life lightly without ever burdening the lives of others, because they want to be respected, understood and loved.

A book not only for women but also for men who are sensitive to the female who will be able to understand and get closer to their inner self and essence, to create a loving relationship. The author paint life in the form women, who are eminently bearers of life to give carnality that leaks from the subjects and yet clearly transpires from the canvases, albeit at times tempered by the style a bit naive of the faces of women.

The author proves as a writer of rare sensitivity, a true soul traveller, who with this book managed to travel the thousand paths, even the most hidden, inside a feminine soul. In the author there is a strong ability to grasp the feelings, emotions and states of mind of the female universe, who seems to know more about the women themselves to their complexity and their actual value, that our society has scaled down with time.

In the book I found something new and intriguing, which describes women, who are different, but all with a common denominator with the description of the poetic force of magic, of the divinity that is in each woman and the strength and determination that they puts in facing life’s adversities.

The author puts the readers in front of a mirror that reflected mysterious and unknown sides to the women themselves. The book never judges, and its great sensitivity is comforting and reassuring for anyone who reads it that manage to highlight the existential pathways of the female mind, thanks to the carefully measured portraits.

Thanks to the author who was able to make infinite feminine image of the soul, as it is infinite love that it shows towards the female universe with a book to be read and reread several times. Every time we will find out again. Every time we will discover something new in the women.

Canvas Book Review by Papertree