So, what is love? And what is truth? Is love a play of hormones and neurotransmitters? And is truth a perception of what is apparent, rather than absolute? Can a moment of pure love exist for all eternity? Aniruddha Bose has lovingly dealt with those concepts in his novella “TOMAKE”.

A dialogue between a man and a woman is chronicled in a series of intensely lyrical “love letters”. That is commonplace enough. What is remarkable is the realisation that it all “happens” in a moment of time. One is left wondering – was that all just imagination? But something seems to bother the reader, till the realisation occurs, almost like an epiphany, that truth and love cannot be qualified or quantified by only the linearity of time, but by the absoluteness of it.

Discussing about it further would give the plot away, and would take away from the reader the serendipity of discovery.  Read the book, and have the love that it nurtures overwhelm you with its fulfilling joy, while you marvel at the concept of time taking on an entirely new dimension, as dealt with by Aniruddha in this unique literary creation.