The Vision (Lower Resolution)

There are some fundamental questions in our lives, which either rises in the strata of our emotions or sleeps in the frozen darkness of our deepest emotions. Sometimes it raises a tsunami in our stanch monotonous life shaking up our very existence. Who or what is “I”, “Dad” or filial affection? What is the real colour of affection for our children? Who is a Mom? Can motherhood be attained? Or is it just an animalistic biological event. What is life? Moreover, whatwill I do with my life? …. Many a times these basic questions overwhelm our cognition. We apparently live our lives more or less happily with not much cataclysm. These philosophical questions hardly play any significant role in many of our lives. Nevertheless, a few can sometimes hear the call of the wilderness. If one does hear such a call, to him the daily chores of life become meaningless. His endeavour then solely focuses in seeking an answer to these questions. These blessed few actually prepare the base for a new beginning where the progeny can cultivate a better harvest.

A lyrical novel of Aniruddha Bose’s ‘Dekha’ (in Bengali) rendered in English as THE VISION explores the answers to these questions through an array of characters. Here the author takes the reader on a guided tour of India showing its rich culture and traditions behind the apparent poverty. He brings forth the cry of human soul that lurks behind the glittering façade of wealth and luxury of the West. Then through the eyes of the main character, Srabasti, the intellectual reader understands the real philosophy. Looking at this philosophy is THE VISION.