The Moment (Low Resolution)

This is the story of another world.

How do we understand the concept of time? This novel has brought out a supernatural message from time’s internal cave. It is nothing new for two persons to be attracted to each other. This novel sees this oft-played game from an entirely new perspective. Is love and desire the same? Can these two be put in the same paradigm of understanding? Or is there a thin line, which delineates them apart and yet, so close?

Each of us accepts our own perception of the truth. Some would say love is abstract, while desire is concrete. Is it so? Desire could also be abstract. Why do we love someone? Can it be explained by the theories of chemistry? Science has given a clinical definition. The key lies in certain hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain. Is life science the best alternative to our understanding of this? If that were so, the beauty of love gets lost in the ravages of misconceptions.
The two protagonists in this story are searching for that elusive answer, while finding themselves in a supernatural cusp of time. It is that cusp which is known in science as Vertical Time. Or in our philosophy as ‘Turiya’ postulated in the Upanishads. This is where time stands still and veers away from the well-known path of horizontal movement.
In the light and darkness of the maze, we know as past and present, they seem to throw the two characters in this novel into their own subconscious, and titillate them to play the game of love in surreal time.

Where does this game end? Will it end, where time gets lost in the realm of the supernatural? Or will it ultimately find it’s calling in their minds and in their memories?