Congratulations Doc. It is bound to stun everybody how you could pen such a thriller after your soulful DEKHA. Those who have read all your four books will soon consider you to be a versatile author who also is a master at what he is writing. Chakra is a fast-paced gripping thriller, which springs up surprise in every chapter, and what is unique that you have sprung one even after the very unusual climax. I feel like sharing some more of my feelings with you.

You have involved the reader from the first sentence and have presented the sequences in such a skillful manner that the reader gets clues but the masterstroke is that you have deftly woven an incident the very next moment to confuse one about the motive or who the culprits are.

I must thank you for making us remember the masterpieces of Saradindu Bandopadhyay and Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta where motives were not merely confined to clichéd issues like sex or money. These novels reflected the psychological implications and dealt with the deeply embedded problems of one’s mind. You have treaded that path and superbly blended Ray’s of subtly making the novel a travelogue. I must appreciate the detailed portrayal and accurate descriptions of the various locales, which enables a reader to visualize the ambience without having seen the place physically. Kudos to you for daring to be different and not create a larger than life sleuth like Byomkesh, Kiriti or Feluda. The manner in which you have portrayed the police department with each officer contributing in his own way and thus solving the crime with a combined effort is not only realistic but is also motivating. This novel can surely be a great moral booster to the men in uniform and also inspire any individual. Any person who is bored with life or depressed from routine work can be sure that an opportunity is bound to come knocking at his door but he should be vigilant enough to grab the same and also be diligent in his work to successfully accomplish it. You have also upheld the truth that “United we stand divided we fall”.

The novel appeals more since you have chosen a contemporary subject and current day socio-economic problems, which influence or affect one’s state of mind. The manner in which you have revealed the irresistible lure of show biz and the skeletons in the shadow, the fraudulent Gurus is fascinating and the reader can identify the same relating to recent incidents.

In most thrillers or detective novels, one hardly gets an insight of the psychology of the criminals. But you have explicitly narrated the psychology and the vision of the culprit and also sketched how blind can true love be where it defies all logic, ethics and social virtues.

I hope you will not take it otherwise if I request you to consult someone regarding the Hindi dialogues just the way you have acknowledged the consultation of professionals from different arenas.

To sum up Chakra – a gripping unputdownable psychological thriller.