It’s an eerie feeling….

Yes, eerie … that’s  the most  apt word to describe the feeling after completing the reading of  “CHAKRAAKRAH”,  the murder- mystery  book by Aniruddha Basu.

Seven,  err… eight murders! And that too of beautiful young sirens and brilliant young men, spread over the vast expanse of this huge country….and by methods which are chilling to say the least!

Oops! The mere thought makes the blood curdle and the mind dumb.

The story is convoluted like the DNA double helix, yet told in a language that is lucid enough to raise interest in the most indifferent mind.

The story starts with a bang … by the discovery of a nude female dead body in a swimming pool ….the  result of the murder of a beautiful young lady, a famous model from Mumbai in a resort in distant rural  Bengal. Apparently clueless and motiveless, the case is pursued by two Police Officers (and this is a deviation from the usual deployment of Private Detectives in such novels & stories!) – one a handsome young SP hopelessly bogged down in a remote district town, and an aged  ACP bundled out in a dusty room in the Police Head-quarters in Kolkata handling files and records.

The story turns and dwindles through a maze of incidences and murders, with a multitude of characters as diverse as winsome models, show biz Mafioso, corporate bosses, a famous god-man, few brilliant students and a plastic surgeon!

A murder-mystery will be a no-mystery if anything more is said, so let’s put our pen down at this point. Let readers do their own investigative journey with the narrative to reach at the answer of who-dun-it.

As a whole, “CHAKRA” is an un-putdownable murder-mystery with some astounding secrets, a genuine path breaker in its genre.