Crime fiction novels, by and large, belong to a certain genre. Both in English and Bengali literature they have followed general trends. Private detectives are always the ones solving the murder mysteries. In actuality, how many people hire a private investigator? In real life investigations are done by an assistant sub-inspector of police or a journalist.  Is it possible for the reader to leave behind this familiar imaginary detective from the novels? Suppose that the person who is investigating the murder is not the same person who finally solves the case. Whilst the reader is searching for the criminal and the motive for murder, will the reader search for the detective as well? Maybe the actual detective is not one of the investigators! Aniruddha Basu has penned a suspense thriller that has broken the characteristic features of murder mysteries. “CHAKRA” is not an old fashioned crime novel. Aniruddha has brought change to the traditional homicide story. As a student of science and a well known plastic surgeon, logic and modern technology have influenced his thoughts. Both crime, and the criminal, has evolved. This new school of thought may just be the main attribute of this novel. This book is a riveting read. The conclusion reveals a new philosophy behind murder.