Morn emits the coruscate delight

Afternoon drifts to twilight souse.

Fillies cuddle in golden crush.

Night roars, forlorn morn zephyr.

Time has played its numinous wonder.

Liquor ebullience croons the juju

Vows of morn pretermit in queue

The nimbus of life on a platter.

Croons the wino in sorcerous mull.

Moon lost in Excalibur chador

Sword waves the kayoed hellion,

Rock the rocking boat to oblivion.

In sonsie enticing timbre.

Anon facets hushed in oeuvre.

Cantillate the mantra of carnal gaiety

Lust welcomes resolute jollity.

From morn till wee hours of eve

Till the liquor begums warble

Decisions are a Ragnarok

Not penned in recent Bible.


Pointless resolves of tomorrow.

Oblivious of the difference

Between fulfilment and sorrow.