Lulling breeze, the night sings

Cuckoo croons missing
Harbinger of summer air.

Sweet whiff of crispness

Sings the transit suave.

The leaves quivering in dark

Kindles the mind to spark.

Losses, failures blown with wind

Spring lost, not its exotic drift.

Thunders roar, blunders bilk

Wilkomen the magic yen.

Lusty for the blissful kiss

Tide over impasse to juju bliss.

Plumb the listless dark

No moon, no sun, yet with spark.

To sing future lullaby

Amid dark in languid canopy.


Take me to the blissful utopia

Others deem it as paranoia.

Prince Charming adrift on eternal canoe

Amid the infinite ether

Scattered glints of eternal chorale

Where birds sing, flowers fringe

The haven of eternal Shangri-La.