Deaths we traverse

Taught many wonders.

The mortal tincture
Leaves anything in éclat.

Mystic death, tread dread

Spent a mo to wonder?

Carcasses tread
Mortal remains of many bled
In disfavour splendour

Tread dreams of beachhead.

Thought, capable, deprived

In useless mortal fulfilment?

Ruined lives, deserted dreams
Comfy in ass licking strings.

Have the time to ever wonder?

Death of million dreams
Amid the travesty.

For us, rest and millionths
Curse the system in disgrace.

Time to rise to reveal colours

Where ass licking

No longer milky lustre.

Looked at the moonlit sky

Where jingles lilt to cry?

Seen the vast universe?
Where birds hide in meadow grass
Looked at happiness in thee?
Amid death tentacles in revolt to see.