Salvation, do not seek from thine

In quest of what is not mine.

No celebs and legends brag in gloriole.

When benefits rustle, jump to accord.

Nothing to claim as their own.

Bask in the tune congenitally sown.

Never ventured on brass ring of creative wonder.

Mesmerised millions with gifted foregone splendour.

Have they seen the brooks amid meadows?

Yearned for the shadows of the anon spring?

The bubbles warped their rational tide

Mosahibs infiltrated their timid minds.

Identity lost, fame gained

Alter of perception sprained.

Quest of salvation amid rocking glamour!

Rocketed balloon lost in celeb debonair.


Traversed many a known path of identity.

Now in quest of solitary Divine serenity.

Where meadows melt into midnight air

Peace sings the eventual debonair.

Brooks fade into autumn green.

Old faded for the new birds to sing.


Salvation is cleansing soul.

Ascent from mundane icky bowl.