Dark is where the light has fade

Into the numinous shady glade.

Dark is the anon of the cognise

Shady demeanour of truth rede ignored.

Traverse the ‘glory’ of ill-understood aura

Dark defines anon

Childish unfulfilled reverie.

When life is sunlit bride

Acquaintances shine in militant delight

Twilight dawns amid that desolate light

The aura is amass

Loss of the real bright.

Hums Poorvi to Yaman

Exultation to nullity

Amid the subtle ration.

Exile or exultation

Dilemma in politic consultation

Jingle of sauna to sonata.

Thrust in solitary in desolation.

Night reverbs the new reflection.

Glamour lost, name dead

Night croons of the mystic fade.

The jingle you detested to hear

Lost to overcome the intrinsic fear.


The anon dormant you

If you discover that is new.