The tentacles of testing time

Beckons the chosen few

Magna cum laude of the yearned dime.

Where the mystic cube

Spins on the casino roulette

Gelding the illusion of magic filet

Ripped to dust on the roulette spin

Anxious for the magic to cast its beam.

The 17th century Venetian Ridotto

Now the eternal life form.

Wants quids amid the norm.

Craps, roulette, baccarat, backjack

Video poker games.

Reveries floating in eternal Thames.

Destiny strikes the reality arpeggio

The exposit of eonian time.

The ordained gruesome crusade

Misjudged in ho-hum rat race,

The surreal utopic exultation.

Flagrant realistic pacification.


Milestones of ascent glade

The scripted score in shade.