Aniruddha Bose


January 2017

Dreams Unbound

Give to me the nirvana unbound

The song of soul with orphic sound.

The esoteric aura of a virtual duality

Let it bloom in material sanctity.

Where birds chirp their tune of love

Where morns yearn for that desolate dove

Into the glee of reverie wonder, I fly

Abhor those who deter in taciturn sly.

Dreams bounce on canopy ala

Croons the unbound yet unsung

World fettered by ruinous rogues

Amid the deliberate chaotic disdain.

Is it the song of all jilted?

Or those who have roused?

The eclat dreams unbound

The cutest melodies sound.

The descants of unfolded dreams

Some fool must sing.

Today, tomorrow or the day after

World will wake up to its ring.


Salvation, Religion and Insight

The primeval African community, which migrated northwards to Susiana later to form the Elamite Dynasty, the precursor of Sumerian civilization, split into Indo-Asian and Indo-European culture. Reli…

Source: Salvation, Religion and Insight


In your silence, I hear the words

The shadowed part of my soul.

In your silence, I hear the words

The profound truth in a bowl.

In your silence, I hear the words

The marvels of spring amid the dark.

Conflagrate my esprit de corps

To my new being with a spark.


Winter cataphyll dispersed yonder

The sultry nights without splendour

The veiled moon in the murky clouds

Await the fresh bright morn

The song of the spring debonaire.

The chiselled bright

Jingles the air of delight

Amid the crispy solitude

The soul looks to cherish

Aura of hush to embellish

Amid the dainty hopeful desire.


In your silence, I hear the words

The bright dormant in me

To meliorate my fray soul

Smug for the new plume.

Eternal Mayhem

Eternal Mayhem is a spotless testosterone raiser, a touch chalk and cheese grand narrative with numerous puzzling scientific murders occurring worldwide. This complex cliff-hanger keeps the reader’…

Source: Eternal Mayhem

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