The lustreless awning in soliloquy

Beckons the numinous perceive

In the aura of cornucopia glee

The autumn sonata croons the chorale

Lost love in lonesome suave

Harping the tune of yester mauve.

When the bluish violet outshone rest

Amid the florid colours at its best.

The new moon drifted into gloomy clouds

To kindle the silhouette, the goddess divine

The sultry clouds lost in gloomy air

A rift amidst the midnight choir

Singing the chorus of cosmic dance

Prince charming and mermaid’s romance.


Gone are the days of merry tales

Now is storm amid lonely gales.

Even when the cabalistic moon shines

Seems as if the bright devil dines

Noshing amid the fallows of wilderness

Seeking the real flawless caress.


Nothing left except memoirs

The past amatory escapades

A spark to dear old delight

To ignite the latent light.

Is it a mystic dream?

Living, cuddling past

Forgetting the zest?