Seven is a magical number in Nature.

The seven hues of the rainbow are the kernel of the colours of the cosmos. Newton’s Colour Theory states the colours fuse to white in light or black in dark. These are perceptible platitudes of the spectrum. Beyond the visible, the ultraviolet and infrared play a sizable role for those who desire to look beyond the familiar pastels. Amid the identified colours of the canvas, only a few realise its significance. Those who can sense them, realise the mortal limitations onto an awareness to the realm of endless eternal bliss.

Canvas, an experimental novella of Aniruddha Bose, dissects the prime female protagonist into the seven facets of feminine roles in society, like the motley prismatic array of the spectrum. He entwines seven dissimilar short stories of females in their diverse social roles, into a single novella.

This could enlighten the readers to the awareness of eventual mortal bliss, which many forget in their worldly chores. The novella, easy to read, difficult to comprehend, is an eye-opener for those who aspire for the sublime awareness.

The naïve college lass, the artist, the danseuse victim, the slut, the pro, the vocalist, the wife, the mother is a veracity of life’s ever-changing pennants. They are a deceptive mirage in pursuit for the eternal haven, amid their varied feminine facets.

I recognise Aniruddha Bose’s ample research and acknowledge his copious help in this rendition of his Bengali bestseller Canvase.


Kolktata, 16th April 2016                                                            Purnasree Nag