Amid the shade of the coconut glade

When the sun sets in yonder sky

The rosy lips of sassy dips

Sings the numinous sweet lullaby.

The mystic kiss of tender lips

Beauty unhailed in alien forms

The sweet whiff of that mystic graze,

Woh my girl, sing the adorn surprise.


She has none to offer

Except her bare physique

She has nothing to offer

Amid her beauty disgrace.

The form is her only existence.
My girl, I look for you amid rigour

There is still yet another new moon

To kiss the tide

A new morn for open concealed delight.

A tender kiss, genteel dips,

Amid the magic of anonymous wonder

Woh my girl, kiss your shame

To fulfil yourself

With magic  pitiful wonder.
I who has traversed the forlorn billets

Amid the distrait barren debonairness.

In quest of the that magic wonder.

Not your crotch or boobs I desire

In quest of a beauty who can flare

The serenity of life alien

In its supreme desire.