Furtively draws the wintry night

Tender cuddle of the desolate midnight delight.

Amid the pall of the mystique dark

Kindles the glimmer of the magic spark.

The tender touch, the thrilling moment

Ecstasy of pent orgasmic pleasure lament

The sweet odour of desolate fragrance

Ignoring all the past trivial vengeance.

Lost in wonder amid the living death.

Forlorn, deserted, in the lonely breath.

Smooching dark of the sad delight

Dawns the touch of the morn of midnight bright.

Burn the past fidgety paltry yen desires

Charms, cravings pled over forlorn years

Whiff of the aroma of dark solitude

Springs the new aura of phoenix tunes

Kiss the morn of dark in the deserted canopy.

The spring blossoms amid the losses

Obscured magic of the blooming roses.