Kiss the autumn night in springily wonder

The lonely vast spring of enigmatic yonder.

Moon smiles in its shadowy delight

The lonely night in mystique bright

Kiss of the autumn spring in wintry light

Moon kisses with ethereal grin

The shadow of its taciturn glee

Springs the harmony of autumn delight

Magic tide springs forth the secret joy

Mystique caress of wilderness

In the wintry autumn to caress

Of thy magic symphony

In chorale of the wild

Kiss my spring, my lonely bride

Moon past its magic splendour

A moment for both to wonder

Of my lovely bride of the night delight

I caress thy midnight excited wild

Of the obscure moon in shadowy bloom

The silent tune to future dune

Kiss the chalice of forlorn time

Oh my lonely bride…

Sing the song of the wild

In modern light

Cuddle the tender desires

Amid the charming wonders.