One look at the rays of setting sun

The sparkle can be seen in the long run

Amid the changing time

Good will shine over the shifting dime

The Moonlight Sonata ricochet its new tune

That which is lost, that yet to come,

Kindle the twilight of the glum eve

Ticking for the truth to reveal

The past, present, the future

Ignoring its linear stratagem

Towards the infinite vast horizon
Where all is lost, but the epic swan

The Universe knotted into the One

The rungs are of fleeting time

Fools play with crystal dime

The truth is vast obscurity

Sublime, admit the bygone versatility

The rebirth with its ups and downs

Even if Noah is longer,

Yet a bright tomorrow dawns

Those strayed lost in the cycle of tide

Perish in the new halo of the bright.

Truth recoups in own delight.

I am a fool who senses the history

That’s why I can’t write a poetry.