Divinity of Peace

Mission for peace in our tragic abidance

Quest for the Divine in awful capitulation

Divine light kindles the autumn tides

Amid the falling leaves of autumn sonata.

The shadow of mystic yearns

Amid the tender loving rehash barns

The dark nights yenned in autumn twilight

The moon sheens in its mystic spree

The genteel nights kiss the Divine glee

Oh thy moonlit unsung opus

Jingle thy chimes of wonderful splendour

Tragic earth misspelt in mystic marvel

Songs elude, words delude

The unfelt oeuvre of thrilling wonder

You and I remain, the world disdain

Solitude sings the magic ensemble.

Yonder is the night of unfelt delight

Autumn revives to the spring light

Sings the chime of the Divine rhyme

In plausible hypnotic caring ensemble

The new moon swept in amorous swanky tide

Riding the silver shine in listless delight

In a sombre torpid forlorn cacophony.

The moon shed, millions bled

Amid the lonely midnight

Kiss of the autumn, springs of the helical light

Flicker of the moment of blissful delight

Obeisant, insolvent at the mystic bright

The shadowy withered trees caress the genteel furtive

The Divine light gifted in jolt disguise

Peace is not in pursuits but to forfeit in conscious light

To fathom the magic of its grandee marvels.