Ankor Wat Temple (Capital Temple) was built during the reign of Suryavarnam 2. Later further construction was done by Udadityavarnam around 1113 to 1150 AD. The history dates back to 200 AD when Indian Brahmin traders established the town as kingdom of Funan. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this was the state temple initially called “Baraha Vishnulok”. Twenty-seven years later in 1177, Suryavarnam was sacked by Chams, the traditional enemy of Khamers. Jayavarnam 7 restored it.

The outer wall encloses an area of 203 acres. This place was chosen because of its strategic military and agricultural potential. Some say, the arrangement of the temples resembled the stars in the constellation of Draco at the time of spring equinox in 10,500 BC in order to harmonize the earth with the stars reflected in sculptures of Devas and Ashuras. The megalomaniac kings of that era designed the temple to worship Gods. In alignment with the Draco star they constructed the three dimensional yantras, which were an endeavour to align the humans with the Divine. The thoughts of Jayvarnam 7 was full of deep sympathy for the good of the world so as to bestow on men the ambrosia of remedies to win them immortality. By virtue of these good works he might rescue all those who are struggling in the ocean of existence.

The temple constitutes 108 towers. At the centre akin to Mount Meru is the central tower resembling the one and only Shiva. In its walls are etched the the figurines of celestial coryphées in two thousand poises.

Right from the ‘Big Bang’ origin of cosmos, the celestial beauts for eons have painted the canvas of immortality. They tuned their vision into the ne plus ultra melody to twine the seeds of reality, which hadn’t withered with time. It still presents the rhapsody of a new melody. The insignia of trillion years mingle into the ethereal bliss. Over realms, the monarchs have aspired to bathe in the hushed serenity of fulfilment. Their latent desire craved for the unified eternal bliss in the womb of eternity, where their deluged gale yielded to tranquil azure. In that new cradle, they wanted to hum the hymnody rinsed in revering the eulogy canvas of life, where the Divine wings kindle a new cadence in their dormant awareness beyond the material cacophony.