Love the tender blissful awing night

When your dainty lips brush my unstated delight

The full moon wanes past the ecstatic midnight

Leaving our riveting lust in glee.

The new melody thrust the debonair

Amid the glitz of melancholic suave

The full moon in empyrean oomph

Kindling the twilight gloom

Of our ineffable gloomy tunes

Lulls the jingle of our serene glee

Tender kiss, smooch, ensuing delight

In the quiet of forlorn blissful surge

The sprouting lips in wild withered kiss

The genteel caress of nuzzling boobs

The plumy touch of genteel hues.

Is it today the full moon night?

Lights the dark in obscure bright.

Sings the song of lust with tide

In the beam of moonlit night delight.

Life is but a spurious moment.

To kiss, cherish, adore in contentment.

In delight we sing to Thee

Our doting kisses a new lullaby.

When moon will sink night prevail

Would you still hold my hands?

In tender elysian enamour?