November 2015

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Caress of The Wild

Kiss the autumn night in springily wonder

The lonely vast spring of enigmatic yonder.

Moon smiles in its shadowy delight

The lonely night in mystique bright

Kiss of the autumn spring in wintry light

Moon kisses with ethereal grin

The shadow of its taciturn glee

Springs the harmony of autumn delight

Magic tide springs forth the secret joy

Mystique caress of wilderness

In the wintry autumn to caress

Of thy magic symphony

In chorale of the wild

Kiss my spring, my lonely bride

Moon past its magic splendour

A moment for both to wonder

Of my lovely bride of the night delight

I caress thy midnight excited wild

Of the obscure moon in shadowy bloom

The silent tune to future dune

Kiss the chalice of forlorn time

Oh my lonely bride…

Sing the song of the wild

In modern light

Cuddle the tender desires

Amid the charming wonders.


Caress of Distress

Tender lips, touching dips,

Poignant smooch in autumn light

Springs the longed jingle of unsung choir

Boisterous in its gaudy reservoir.

Amid the dark tender blissful night

New moon shining in delight

The aura of invisible bright

Kindle the desires for the vast expanse

Rousing fondle of pretty protuberance

Thy desire, oh my babe, I submit thee

Your thoughts baffled in mystique glee

Do I sing thy wonder plea?

Which strokes the rosy tender

Of the spring the night delight.

Sombre germane in magic wonder.

Distraught at your mortal yearnings

Looking for those mystic cravings

In quest of beatific vibrant choir

Where spring buds in autumn midnight light

Pats the forlorn soulful yen bride.

The Truth

One look at the rays of setting sun

The sparkle can be seen in the long run

Amid the changing time

Good will shine over the shifting dime

The Moonlight Sonata ricochet its new tune

That which is lost, that yet to come,

Kindle the twilight of the glum eve

Ticking for the truth to reveal

The past, present, the future

Ignoring its linear stratagem

Towards the infinite vast horizon
Where all is lost, but the epic swan

The Universe knotted into the One

The rungs are of fleeting time

Fools play with crystal dime

The truth is vast obscurity

Sublime, admit the bygone versatility

The rebirth with its ups and downs

Even if Noah is longer,

Yet a bright tomorrow dawns

Those strayed lost in the cycle of tide

Perish in the new halo of the bright.

Truth recoups in own delight.

I am a fool who senses the history

That’s why I can’t write a poetry.

Divinity of Peace

Divinity of Peace

Mission for peace in our tragic abidance

Quest for the Divine in awful capitulation

Divine light kindles the autumn tides

Amid the falling leaves of autumn sonata.

The shadow of mystic yearns

Amid the tender loving rehash barns

The dark nights yenned in autumn twilight

The moon sheens in its mystic spree

The genteel nights kiss the Divine glee

Oh thy moonlit unsung opus

Jingle thy chimes of wonderful splendour

Tragic earth misspelt in mystic marvel

Songs elude, words delude

The unfelt oeuvre of thrilling wonder

You and I remain, the world disdain

Solitude sings the magic ensemble.

Yonder is the night of unfelt delight

Autumn revives to the spring light

Sings the chime of the Divine rhyme

In plausible hypnotic caring ensemble

The new moon swept in amorous swanky tide

Riding the silver shine in listless delight

In a sombre torpid forlorn cacophony.

The moon shed, millions bled

Amid the lonely midnight

Kiss of the autumn, springs of the helical light

Flicker of the moment of blissful delight

Obeisant, insolvent at the mystic bright

The shadowy withered trees caress the genteel furtive

The Divine light gifted in jolt disguise

Peace is not in pursuits but to forfeit in conscious light

To fathom the magic of its grandee marvels.

Angkor Wat Temple – A peep into the history

Ankor Wat Temple (Capital Temple) was built during the reign of Suryavarnam 2. Later further construction was done by Udadityavarnam around 1113 to 1150 AD. The history dates back to 200 AD when Indian Brahmin traders established the town as kingdom of Funan. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this was the state temple initially called “Baraha Vishnulok”. Twenty-seven years later in 1177, Suryavarnam was sacked by Chams, the traditional enemy of Khamers. Jayavarnam 7 restored it.

The outer wall encloses an area of 203 acres. This place was chosen because of its strategic military and agricultural potential. Some say, the arrangement of the temples resembled the stars in the constellation of Draco at the time of spring equinox in 10,500 BC in order to harmonize the earth with the stars reflected in sculptures of Devas and Ashuras. The megalomaniac kings of that era designed the temple to worship Gods. In alignment with the Draco star they constructed the three dimensional yantras, which were an endeavour to align the humans with the Divine. The thoughts of Jayvarnam 7 was full of deep sympathy for the good of the world so as to bestow on men the ambrosia of remedies to win them immortality. By virtue of these good works he might rescue all those who are struggling in the ocean of existence.

The temple constitutes 108 towers. At the centre akin to Mount Meru is the central tower resembling the one and only Shiva. In its walls are etched the the figurines of celestial coryphées in two thousand poises.

Right from the ‘Big Bang’ origin of cosmos, the celestial beauts for eons have painted the canvas of immortality. They tuned their vision into the ne plus ultra melody to twine the seeds of reality, which hadn’t withered with time. It still presents the rhapsody of a new melody. The insignia of trillion years mingle into the ethereal bliss. Over realms, the monarchs have aspired to bathe in the hushed serenity of fulfilment. Their latent desire craved for the unified eternal bliss in the womb of eternity, where their deluged gale yielded to tranquil azure. In that new cradle, they wanted to hum the hymnody rinsed in revering the eulogy canvas of life, where the Divine wings kindle a new cadence in their dormant awareness beyond the material cacophony.

Love The Tender Night

Love the tender blissful awing night

When your dainty lips brush my unstated delight

The full moon wanes past the ecstatic midnight

Leaving our riveting lust in glee.

The new melody thrust the debonair

Amid the glitz of melancholic suave

The full moon in empyrean oomph

Kindling the twilight gloom

Of our ineffable gloomy tunes

Lulls the jingle of our serene glee

Tender kiss, smooch, ensuing delight

In the quiet of forlorn blissful surge

The sprouting lips in wild withered kiss

The genteel caress of nuzzling boobs

The plumy touch of genteel hues.

Is it today the full moon night?

Lights the dark in obscure bright.

Sings the song of lust with tide

In the beam of moonlit night delight.

Life is but a spurious moment.

To kiss, cherish, adore in contentment.

In delight we sing to Thee

Our doting kisses a new lullaby.

When moon will sink night prevail

Would you still hold my hands?

In tender elysian enamour?

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