Have I voiced the wildest tunes?

When moon surrogates the sandy dunes.

When the sun shades the mystique of the night,

The night beckons amidst is twilight bride.
Do I recognise that desolate virgin?

The dark veil undoing in light
Glee to her aura in all delight

Jump to the paddocks of wilderness

Caress her soft, forbidden, solitude disgrace

Amongst the wildest of ‘Ole Ola’

To sing of the newest Sangrila.

The moon kindles in wintry wing

The night is left for us to croon.

The dainty little ebonies

Soft tides, pats on the kinky brides

To a night of splendour unexplored.
I am the fool, who kisses the full blue moon

In my dainty forlorn splendour.