I perceive the elegant gazelle

Floating amidst clear vista

After their evening siesta

Reveries of the clouds,

Of the hollering thunder

Soft caress of the rainy spurts

Amidst the winding meadows

To escape into the lonely orb

Outside the confined time

Tossing the magic dime

Of the derelict springs

That croons the glee of beauty.

It bellows our mellowed dreams

As it pecks the genteel stream

With all its majestic marvel

When moon cuddles the curvy slopes

Amidst the ecstasy of tender lips

The kiss caresses the avid mind

Amidst the amity of wonder

The humdrum of daily chores

Its numinous magic wand

Floats to a cabalistic wonder

Where love is bright

Amidst the waning twilight

Oh the beauty I see!

Of the obscured spring

Bright in the lonesome night

With it’s shadowy bright

Ringing its docile cadence.

It fills the soul in a full ewer

The poise of the moment

In its austere splendour

Oh my soul

How I desire to touch the ghoul!

Of the enigmatic bliss

In all its wistful wonder!