When flickers of the mystic spring squeal

When archives of thought still loiter…

When the hidden moon still wonders
In quest of a gleam of the bright

Amidst the curses of a mystic delight

I dismay those thoughts in marvel

Today rebukes me in mystic sparkle.
Amidst my woes, where is the miracle?

Tomorrow is another time fiasco.

One who treads in mystic tide of time?

Knows the song of the not so bright.

Of yester years, to ponder without yonder

For he is lost, he who fails

To spring the magical wonder?

For he who ignores the dance of the tide of time

Is lost in the flush of a sparkling dime.

He who has is tacit of the magic time
Reckons you from a scathed mine

Beckon him who has outdid the magic wild

Knows the cuddle of unfathomed bright.

Of the mystic song untold
Of the blatant truth in bold
Of the mystic shades of greenery…

Of You, envisioned in me.

When meadows wafted in shady glades

When tossed the dimes flicked in dappled shades
To hear the escapist vibes.

Of a beckoned of an unsung morn

Of a twilight with a magic concealed

Still in tang of the lore revealed.

There was but one,
Amidst the thousand deserting lone.

It’s she who sang the rhyme
Amidst the quails of an taxing time.

She who sang the numinous quatrain

‘Thou shall fade who fails to wade

The tide of the magic time’

He who abhors the magic of time

Time is patience in delicacy

Tie is the core of forgotten reality.