The child looked at my face with a smiling glee

Wobbling with open arms

Looked in wonder in her innocent spree.

The sparkle in her eyes were filled with wonder

Like the heaven amidst her twinkling smile yonder!

Was she dreaming of the stars, the moons, the incessant dreams?

Was she ringing her delight amidst the rumbling streams?

Of the brooks, the meadows and the Nature behold!

Lot was unknown, in her need, wanted to be told.

Of her delight in the sight of the unfathomed world
A hard task, yet to be learned.

Which she was to envisage
In her tender sojourn unsung.

Of the honeyed dreams of a better life

With all the warmth yet to be won!
Of the lush woods in the broad daylight.
Of the kindling caress of her mum’s kiss

Amidst the sparking stars even in a gloomy twilight!

To sing the new lullaby

Of wonders of the world in soliloquy.

When the little beauty walked with glee towards me

She deemed of the warmth she had seen in her cuddle for thee

The tender touch, her rosy lips, her moistened smile,

The warmth of the concealed in her mother’s smile

The kiss of the sol amidst turbine tides

Her wobbling gait, tender touch

Was seeing Him in me

She was born with a golden heart

To fathom this realm in me.

Her tender dreams, like the flowing streams
Held stranded offshore.

I had no arms to sing the age-old folklore

No arms to hold her tight and sing the age-old lullaby

I was stuck in the present of her dreams unsung

The truth ineffable in the sunlit clear sky.

The stars may twinkle the moon may shine

Was I deemed to axe the grime?

The bitter truth of her dreams unsung

Of the reality entwined in the dung?
Maybe I could show her where stars fuse into dawn

I could switch her dreams to a new melodious song

Of the disdains of the world accord.
I wish I could hit the Sunday’s choir dong.

Even with all the evils floating galore

How I wished, I could sing the sweetest folklore!

A world without tears, fears in its sublime

I am waiting for the right melody

To sound the Devine in all galore