The mystical dreams scuffled

The wild winding paths tread

Into the bosom of the mystic splendour

Fairyland spills a marvel castle

Into the mystic embraces of the pixies in glee.

When the sun has unravelled its magic spread

Thoughts loom in lonely quail

Pat of shade tread the gloomy yarn

From the wild to a mystic splendour.

Let the veracity amidst dichotomy

Profess the realms of the numinous wonder.

The beauty of a sensual dame

Without a shade of any shame

Hexes the kernel of a lonely spring

Amidst the hug of magic marvel

Spring may unravel,

Amid the sleuth moon.

To the land of sorcerous glory.

Easter fades, loggias dead
The rebirth may shine

In its magical whine

To the mystic land of cabalistic awe.

Many a lives dead, oodles bled

In the crusade of a illusory glee

The truth will spring

Under the fairy-tale wing

Of the amorous dame

Giving birth to a wonder.