The verity has absconded in the magical tide

The smile has fettered the languid bride

Truth is the reality in unremarkable tide.

When the moon kisses the starry night

She yearns for her mate in her concealed delight

The fallow of yester years

Succumbs to her extant desires.

Amidst the spent-up cavernous night

In her lonesome endeavour to see the light

Kisses the man of her dreams,

The mensch of her princely charms

Amidst a billion ecstatic thoughtless yearns.

The moon has lost its lullaby song.

Of the thousand moons

Dreamt, yearned, unfelt so long.

Of the tender kiss, in her lonely bliss

Has she dreamt of the last ditty

She has yet to sing?

Life is further bright

Neither song nor a tune.

Life is a galore of revelries dune.

Amidst the applause of party wild

She moans in silence of lost guild.

Yearns for that magic kindle

Amidst lonely bereft wilted winkle.